Monday, January 9, 2012

Keeping up with cardigans...

Wow- I can't believe how fast time flies! I also can't believe that I let a whole year go by without documenting my life.  I had so many fun and awesome things happen to me in the last year and I am lovin' life. Sometimes challenges help you become stronger- and I have had many awesome challenges with work and school to push me further. LOVE IT! Here are some of the cool things that happened to me last year (or two)

1. Finished my Masters degree at Westminster College and am now officially Master Buck. Love it!
2. Got my house. This was a year and a half ago, but I love it. I even have a neighbor named Dog man that often lets me see in him in a wife beater and pony tail while his wife/mom (not sure which) smokes outside their condo in the car. Love it! (Bahaha!)
3. Got to be Princess Beatrice from the royal wedding with a pretty sweet hat for Halloween.
4. Remembered that sausage is still the bomb. Nuff' said.
5. Got a new position at work and am still digesting. Exciting but hard challenge!
6. Took many, many community classes and loved it. I also made a billion crafts- some weird, and some I loved. There is an awesome cat blanket pictured below.  Here are some of the classes I took:
  • Cupcake decorating- at least twice
  • Pizza making
  • Sewing
  • Golf
  • Tap Dancing
  • Cake Balls ( hardest thing on the planet! Never again!)
  • Hiking Class with friend Ben
  • Goat Packing (just kidding, but it was an actual class you could take- what?)
7.  Many fun trips with friends, and family. I love them so much!
8. I am going to be professor Buck- So fun. I am teaching a beginning computer class at SLCC this semester. Should be a blast. Starting tomorrow- wish me luck!
9.  Last but not least... I made some bets. I am FAMOUS for making bets and not ever winning. I did actually win the title of Cardigan Queen 2010, but lost Cardigan Contest 2011 in a meer 7 days. I brought shame to the cardigan community.

I am currently in a bet with a co-worker and we are not drinking soda. Are you kidding!? Why did I do this? I am DYING. ha ha! Oh well, I am gonna win. I know it.

Lovin' life and everything that is coming my way. Feel like I have had so many awesome opportunities to make me grow. Ok, so here is a random smattering of pictures from my lovely year last year. Here is 2012!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear birds, stop eating at Home Town Buffet

Does anyone else think birds are creepy? For some reason I have seen SO many birds in swarms lately.  AHH! They kind of creep me out.  Well, they must be on to me - they must know that they are totally givin' me the heeby-jeebies!

Exhibit A- Today while I was at the Old Navy, I got a surprise visit from some birds. And these were not just any birds, my friends.  These birds must have used their "Early bird" (ha ha, dumb dumb I know!) special to load up on some heavy duty grub.  I was in Old Navy for about 20 minutes, and I came out to the biggest surprise from my bird friends ever. HOLY BIRD CRUD!

I had SO much bird poop my car! I couldn't believe it. Here are some pics to prove it. Dear birds- Stop eating at the Home Town Buffet!

PS- A car wash didn't even get it all off! WHOA! Birds- please start eating some fiber. HA!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dear Carol...

(Look at that leg extension. Love me some Jane Fonda!)
I have a confession. This is a silly, strange confession. Before I get to confession, here is a tiny background about me.

I have always loved aerobics. As a kid, I would get my friends together to do the Jane Fonda workout tape. I loved the PBS aerobics show with three different heights of pedastols that you could follow. Still today I most only prefer going to the gym if I can go to an aerobics class. (Something about the spandex.... just kidding! :)  I have always wanted to be an aerobics instructor. It is still a dream of mine, even if I only get to teach "Chair-robics" at the senior center.

Ok, back to the confession. A few months ago I started getting emails from Carol Goulay... as I started getting them more frequently, I realized that somehow I have been put on the substitute aerobics teacher list for the 24 hour fitness classes for all of Orange County California locations. Dear Carol- I live in Utah and am a FAR CRY from being an aerobics teacher. HA! My dream is coming true! How did they know I wanted to be an aerobics teacher?

Most people would ask to be taken off the list, but I felt so included when I get the daily email asking if last minute I can teach "Belly Burn" at the 206 location, or if I want a permanent cycle class. I even got the corporate christmas card that told me how much they appreciate my willingness to come to help out and work as a team. I LOVE IT!  I confess that no time soon am I going to be asked to be taken off the list.

Someday I may just want to fly in the O.C. for a quick Powerflex fix. Thanks Carol for including me!

PS- Here is one of my favorite aerobics videos. Love it!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Multi-tasking made so much more efficient!

I want one!

PS. Another good use for head gear? Am I right?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Best idea ever...

I know I only post ridiculous things... but here is the best combo ever!

College in pajamas + Pajama Jeans = GENIUS!

Now when you want to be more professional while going to school in pajamas all you have to do is slip into a pair of these babies! I hope these two ideas merge. Because everyone should be in sweats as much as possible, right?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I phone uploads

Here are some of the fun, and favorite pics from my phone.
Sorry I am not the best at blogger capabilities, and no matter what I can't get the pictures to turn. I also don't know to get it to add captions very well. So just enjoy!

A pic taken from the pool in San Diego on Memorial Day.
The sis and me in line for Lion King tickets at 5 in the morning.Best part of the morning? The Chick-Fil-a cow showed up. YUM!

Happy mustache March!

Monday, June 28, 2010

21 Somethings you may not know about me...

1. I love honey mustard. By far my favorite condiment.
2. If I could do anything, I would be an aerobics instructor. Specifically, a water aerobics instructor.
3. I had scarlet fever when I was three.
4. I survived. (ha ha)
5. I am very time oriented, and base everything on time instead of feelings. For example- I go to bed at the same time every night, not because I am tired, but just because it is time.
6. I LOVE anything with water. I could be in the water all day.
7. I can do the worm.
8. I can make decent balloon animals.
9. Mashed Potatoes are my favorite food.
10. I rarely have a preference of what I do on a weekend- I am more concerned about having fun with who I am with than what we are actually doing.
11. I hate leaving people out. I hate exclusive groups that leave other people out.
12. I love to ready skeezy celebrity gossip magazines.
13. I don't really read novels. Ever.
14. Naps are essential to any day.
15. Traveling is what I think about most.
16. I love to go on trips with people I don't know.
17. I am obsessed with buying new necklaces and I can rarely stop myself.
18. I love to shower. I hate to get ready.
19. I can't handle having to many things going on in my life. It stresses me out.
20. But I hate being bored.
21. I can make lyrics to almost any song that pertain to the situation. Kasey from the bachelor and I have a lot in common, yet I am a lot less creepy. ( I hope)