Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dear Carol...

(Look at that leg extension. Love me some Jane Fonda!)
I have a confession. This is a silly, strange confession. Before I get to confession, here is a tiny background about me.

I have always loved aerobics. As a kid, I would get my friends together to do the Jane Fonda workout tape. I loved the PBS aerobics show with three different heights of pedastols that you could follow. Still today I most only prefer going to the gym if I can go to an aerobics class. (Something about the spandex.... just kidding! :)  I have always wanted to be an aerobics instructor. It is still a dream of mine, even if I only get to teach "Chair-robics" at the senior center.

Ok, back to the confession. A few months ago I started getting emails from Carol Goulay... as I started getting them more frequently, I realized that somehow I have been put on the substitute aerobics teacher list for the 24 hour fitness classes for all of Orange County California locations. Dear Carol- I live in Utah and am a FAR CRY from being an aerobics teacher. HA! My dream is coming true! How did they know I wanted to be an aerobics teacher?

Most people would ask to be taken off the list, but I felt so included when I get the daily email asking if last minute I can teach "Belly Burn" at the 206 location, or if I want a permanent cycle class. I even got the corporate christmas card that told me how much they appreciate my willingness to come to help out and work as a team. I LOVE IT!  I confess that no time soon am I going to be asked to be taken off the list.

Someday I may just want to fly in the O.C. for a quick Powerflex fix. Thanks Carol for including me!

PS- Here is one of my favorite aerobics videos. Love it!


Mike and Barbara said...

HAHAHA! I love it! Man that video hits close to home huh!

Jordan said...

HAHAHAHAH! WOW. I am pretty sure you find the funniest things ever.